the ramen from heaven

Ten Ramen invites you to an elevated enlightened experience of “The Ramen from Heaven” in the heart of trendy city Los Angeles.

Established in August 2017, Ten, which means heaven in Japanese, depicts the founder’s vision of lifting each person’s spirits through the delicate and savory broth he spent years in perfecting.

Ten Ramen’s secret to this heavenly experience is in the delicate care and fresh ingredients of the broth that no other Ramen houses in LA uses- Ribs. Each bowl of noodles embodies 12 hours of slowly simmered creamy and rich Tonkotsu broth which encompasses the full flavor of not only Chashu, but their specialty Ribs as well. The “Ramen from Heaven” enlightenment is not an experience you would want to miss.

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What was once just a daily meal in Japan, Ramen has now transformed into an increasingly respected food for its culinary complexity - the time to create deepness of flavor in the broth to the perfect texture of the noodle.

Amalgamation refers to the action of combining or uniting.

We clearly reflect this action, as we have combined the culinary complexity of traditional ramen from Japan with the life styles and culture of diverse Los Angeles.  Because our beloved city of Los Angeles never sleeps, we believed in joining this night life as we are opened until 4 A.M. to provide you the best Ramen whenever you need it.

Ramen from heaven straight to your door

Besides opening late, we want to make it possible to enjoy our heavenly ramen at your convenience. We have many different angels – Grubhub, Eat 24, Doordash, Postmates, Uber Eats- ready to send Ramen from Heaven straight to your door

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3324 W 6th St, Ste A, Los Angeles, 90020

(213) 908-5823

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           Last Call 3:30 AM Everyday
11:00am - 4:00AM
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